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Neurodiversity Support

Do you have ADHD/ADD/Dyslexia and find it a challenge to keep organised and stay on top of everything? Are there several processes, tasks, or responsibilities you have at work and in the home that you need simplifying – or perhaps outsourcing entirely?

A Clevertouch Virtual Assistant, who is empathetic and fully trained in understanding ADHD, will help you meet your deadlines, complete your tasks, and tackle your ‘to-do’ list! In other words, we’re here to make your life easier and support your executive functions.

Our Neurodiversity Support services assist professionals with ADHD, ADD and Dyslexia. You don’t need to have been formally diagnosed to receive our help! You could also receive funding for our service through the Access to Work scheme.

We also understand that Neurodiverse professionals and business leaders require a different approach to collaboration. Expertly trained in this area, our Virtual Assistants benefit from the additional knowledge of ADHD and know how to best support people in managing their responsibilities and workflow.

With an awareness of the skills and strategies to adopt, the team at Clevertouch are able to understand and interact with you far better than a mainstream Virtual Assistant! We can adjust to the unexpected, plan, prioritise and take action to get started.


Why you should hire a Virtual Assistant | Clevertouch

Our ADHD Assistance & Neurodiversity Support solutions cover:

  • Diary, email and inbox management
  • Electronic filing and document preparation
  • Maintaining appointments
  • Meeting planning, scheduling and bespoke coding calendar set-up
  • Agenda writing, minute-taking and transcriptions
  • Market research and customer profiling
  • Travel arrangements
  • Team, client & stakeholder liaison
  • Reminders for upcoming tasks, daily reminders, important events
  • Bookkeeping and reconciliation
  • Recruitment
  • Buddy Hours – Your VA is on hand to mirror your working, help you to focus and complete tasks
  • Executive Function support and advice (planning, attention and impulse management). 

Ready to get started?

We provide a bespoke level of professional Neurodiversity Support that is approached uniquely for each client – so, whatever your specific requirements may be, we can work with you to develop a working relationship that helps you succeed!

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